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〜 Imabari tourist information 〜 

今治 観光案内


tourist information

今治を知る 楽しむ 遊ぶ



Know Imabari have fun Play

It is said to be the Caribbean Sea of ​​Japan

Shikoku Seto Inland Sea

Imabari nibukawa



《 奥道後玉川県立自然公園 》に属し

《 二十一世紀残したい四国の自然100選 》に第2位で入選したほどの名勝地

美人湯といわれる鈍川温泉 愛媛県今治市の観光の中心となっております

Enjoy the hot springs

The blunt river valley in Tamagawa Town, Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture

Belonging to "Okudougo Tamagawa Prefectural Natural Park"

A scenic spot that won the second place in "100 Shikoku Nature Selection to Leave in the 21st Century"

Inugawa Onsen, which is called Bijinyu, is the center of tourism in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture.

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